Rotech has the knowledge, equipment and technical support to meet your needs for a high quality service to exacting standards.


What do we balance?
Shafts, rotors, armatures, fans and impellors, industrial tooling and cutters. Automotive parts such as crankshafts and flywheels. High-speed applications a speciality.

Our clients include F1 motorsport, leading motor manufacturers, specialist instrument makers, diamond rotary dresser manufacturers, land speed record teams and many other wide-ranging industries.


Why balance?

Unbalance is an uneven distribution of mass; the result of this is centrifugal force, which causes noise and vibration in rotating components. The effects of unbalance can be shorter service life of bearings, shafts and housings. Quality is affected with vibration in machine tools resulting in poor surface finish. High noise levels are undesirable both in the workplace and in consumer applications. Improved safety, as high vibrations can lead to equipment failure through fatigue. Dynamic balancing removes the forces caused by unbalance, reducing vibration and noise. This involves improving the mass distribution of a rotor, so that a smaller centrifugal force acts on its bearings.


We can cater for one off or large batches of components. Prototype / R&D work with confidentiality guaranteed.
We have the facility to balance conventionally with the rotor supported on roller or nylon inserts, or to balance complete assemblies driven under their own power. Rotors from a few grams in weight to 440Kg. Lengths to 2.7m. Diameters to 1.260m Variable speed end and belt drive.


Schenck Approved

Rotech are a Schenck approved and trained balancing centre ideally located for your requirements in the South of England.